DVD Licensing information.

Vocam DVD’s are protected by trademark and copyright law.

Any unauthorised use including copying, editing, exchanging, renting or any other diffusion of the DVD’s is strictly prohibited.

Any loading or copying of Vocam DVD’s is onto any computer or device, intranet or internet site, or use with any elearning, Learning Management System (LMS), assignment or system without a licensed agreement from Vocam is against the law and strictly prohibited. Offenders will be prosecuted. DVD’s are authorised for use by the Purchaser only. All rights reserved to Vocam.

To add further clarity:
The purchase of a DVD did not include permission to use that content or any associated content in any other format.

An example of improper usage might be if an organisation had purchased a DVD, that organisation does not have permission to take that content and digitize the content to use within their Learning Management System (LMS).

Another example of prohibited use would be replicating the content in any manner from the DVD or its associated materials, to use within any training platform. A further example might be reusing the Vocam script to write a SCORM course.

If you are looking for content for your LMS or any other training platform please contact Vocam for alternative arrangements.