Blended learning is a method of delivering a formal curriculum by presenting part of the program as a digital or online component, such as eLearning video content and part of the learning/teaching via face to face or hands on training.

Vocam champions blended learning in the business sector with our state-of-the-art Business Training-TV platform, which provides the interactive element of professional development and compliance training in any workplace training setting.

Business Training-TV is easily compatible with a blended learning environment and integrates perfectly into any training program.

Blended learning methods are more effective; they show greater engagement from learners who have the freedom to work at their own pace, and greater success from instructors who can offer more guidance to those in need of individual assistance.

Not only does blended learning increase engagement, it also aids comprehension and information retention by providing practical examples to compliment the theory via the digital content; all of Business Training-TV’s videos are of the highest quality, produced by a world-class team.

Training and learning should be exciting, enjoyable and engaging; integrating Vocam’s Business Training-TV into your blended learning program ensures just that.