Video Production

Vocam's dramatic impact training videos are all made in-house. More than 25 years experience in research, design and production of workplace training programmes, has firmly cemented our position in the market as the industry leading benchmark.

OHS and HR professionals around the world rely on this experience and our ability to solve real world issues by providing innovative, engaging, up-to-date training solutions.

E-learning platform development

More recently, Vocam has created it's own LMS, called BusinessTraining-TV™. This unique platform is built on Vocam's extensive library of video training programmes, delivering rich, multimedia e-learning courses to customers around the world.

BusinessTraining-TV is a fully customisable LMS that is programmed and serviced by our in-house development team. This allows us to be constantly engaged in innovating, improving and staying current in the fast-moving online world.

The team

Together, Vocam's in-house video production and IT development teams form a world class unit, focused on keeping up-to-date with changes to both technology and workplace requirements.

As part of this process, Vocam engages industry experts from around the globe to advise on changes to safety and human resources legislation and best practice. All of Vocam's training courses are well researched and designed for today's workplace. No matter if you're in Belgium or Australia, the United States or the United Kingdom, our videos are designed specifically to meet your local legislations.

Our promise

Since 1990, we've been leading the world to a safer workplace. Today we also provide human resources and business training with a range of solutions to fit your requirements. We provide real training, for real people, in real workplaces; and the results speak for themselves.