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Warning: Our videos depict real accidents from real workplaces, some viewers may find them graphic.

Let us take your training to a new level of engagement.

Easy to use.
Over 400 training titles.
Multiple languages.
Interactive questions.
Full reporting on training history.
Frequent new release history.
Fully customisable with Safety-TV flex.

Over 65 training videos included.
Play all videos from your Laptop or PC.
Freely download our new releases with your subscription.
No internet required after installation.
Runs on all computer platforms.

Established in 1990, Vocam is the world leader of engaged training designed to get results.

We produce world class Health, Safety and HR, multimedia video elearning courses.

Vocam is the world leader in providing high impact, high quality video elearning training products designed for all industries. Vocam products are used by industry leading businesses, training organizations, insurance agencies, government and educational institutions. Vocam specialises in video based training that recreates real work place accidents, showing real people in real workplaces, that is based on the local legislation and local practices. Vocam has training solutions for any size business, whether you need training for thousands of employees or a safety video for a small business induction. No matter if your employees are office staff, mining staff, warehouse staff, retail staff, or any combination, Vocam has a training solution for you. Through our Safety-TV platform you can fully customise our training courses to suit your workplace or build your own. You can write your own questions, answers, videos, pictures, text, audio or modify ours. Through our TrainNow platform you can take your video training anywhere you can bring your laptop, without needing to be connected to the internet!